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Do you have any destinations in mind? If not, let us tell you some interesting Scandinavia countries you should visit once in a while.

Copenhagen Denmark


The smallest of the four Scandinavian countries, Denmark nonetheless packs a powerful cultural punch and is home to what is arguably Europe’s loveliest capital city in Copenhagen. Away from the cities, it boasts deserted golden beaches, a smorgasbord of rugged Viking monuments and charming market towns.

Most cities and towns have comprehensive public transport systems, among them Copenhagen – a city also famous for its network of bike rental stations. Although there’s no shortage of intercity trains, getting to the furthest reaches of northern Denmark is easier by road, although it is possible to fly between Copenhagen, Billund, Aarhus and Aalborg.

Oslo Norway


From dramatic peaks to craggy gorges and glittering blue fjords, Norway’s eye-catching natural beauty is hard to overstate. For all that, it is also a place of quaint villages and cosmopolitan cities, sophisticated design and thriving museums, galleries and theatres. It might be expensive but there’s no shortage of things to love.

All of Norway’s cities, even the smallest, boast some sort of public transport – whether trams, buses, trains or a metro system. Bigger conurbations such as Oslo virtually make cars obsolete, although you will need one if you plan to venture north to more remote areas. Along with intercity trains, the country also has an excellent network of domestic ferries and flights.

Stockholm Sweden


Sparsely populated Sweden is swathed in staggering landscapes, from Arctic tundra in the north and craggy peaks in the middle to the dense pine forests of the south. As well as an abundance of natural charms, its cities offer up some real cosmopolitan gems – with capital Stockholm particularly vibrant.

Sweden’s cities are shining beacons of what public transport systems should be: extensive, easily navigated and cheap to use. The country also has a comprehensive network of intercity trains, although those planning to visit the more remote areas will need a car in order to get around.

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