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Program Conditions

Membership in Royal Orchid Plus Program is subject to the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions may be revised by THAI at anytime. 
  1. Royal Orchid Plus Program is open to any person 2 years of age or older who has a mailing address in Thailand or any country which has not prohibited participation in frequent flyer program.
  2. Corporations or other legal entities cannot be enrolled as members. 
  3. Only one person can be enrolled per Royal Orchid Plus account. Membership will be listed under the participant's full name in English including title (Mr. Mrs. etc.). The individual's signature or electronic acceptance of Terms and Conditions is required for enrolment and/or name or address changes. (Documentation of legal name change must be attached). 
  4. To participate in the Royal Orchid Plus Program, the applicant must submit a completed and signed enrolment form to THAI, or enroll on-line at indicating acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Royal Orchid Plus. THAI has the sole right to interpret and apply Program Rules.
  5. By completing enrollment with Royal Orchid Plus, it is deemed that members accept all terms & conditions, which may be changed from time to time, and agree to abide by them. It is members' responsibility to read and understand all of mileage accumulation rules as well as terms & conditions. The most current terms & conditions may be found on and this is the final authority.
  6. Membership numbers and accrued mileage are non-transferable from one program to another or one member to another under any circumstance. Retroactive credit on THAI or participating airline partners will not be given for flights taken prior to enrolment. 
  7. THAI reserves the right to cease delivery of Royal Orchid Plus Program printed or electronic updates and related materials to any member who does not meet active criteria as determined by THAI. 
  8. THAI takes no responsibility for any disruption or loss of Program updates or literature when delivering by surface mail or by electronic channels. 
  9. To attain Silver or Gold membership in the Program members must earn specified Qualifying Miles within either a 12 rolling month period or a 24 rolling month period. Silver status requires 10,000 Qualifying Miles with in 12 rolling months or 15,000 Qualifying Miles within 24 rolling months. Gold status requires 50,000 Qualifying Miles within 12 rolling months or 80,000 Qualifying Miles in 24 rolling months. Gold status may also be attained by completing 40 international sectors on THAI, excluding travel in G,V,W,L booking classes within a 12 rolling month period. Qualifying miles are defined as actual miles flown, subject to paid fare, on THAI and Star Alliance operated flights, and include  applicable class of service Bonus Miles. All bonus and promotional miles as well as all other partner miles are excluded from membership evaluation. 
  10. On attaining Gold and Platinum membership you will receive your Royal Orchid Plus Member's card and related materials. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery or subject to post offices. All membership cards are available in digital format and can be download at
  11. THAI and Royal Orchid Plus always treat personal data of customers and members carefully. Please see more details in Privacy Notice.

    Purposes for which Royal Orchid Plus collect personal data of members include:
    ● To develop insights about members so that we can better understand their preferences and interests

    ● To identify products, services, membership benefits and rewards offered by Royal Orchid Plus, Star Alliance airlines, business partners, and associated third parties that may be of interest to members.

    List of Royal Orchid Plus business partners and Star Alliance can be viewed here
    Third parties include organizations, state enterprises, foundations, etc. which have cooperation with THAI and Royal Orchid Plus

    ● To personalise your experiences and enhance those products and services offered by THAI and Royal Orchid Plus.
    Royal Orchid Plus will always use trusted service providers and service processors to develop these insights.
  12. After enrolment any stored information relating to membership can be used for THAI, partner and third party marketing or communications purposes to the extent to which the member has consented in their enrolment with Royal Orchid Plus. Members may opt-outfor receiving marketing communications from us anytime by logging in their accounts to update consent at 
  13. To retain Silver or Gold status members must earn specified Qualifying Miles within the current 24 month validity of status. For Silver status, 10,000 Qualifying Miles within either 12 month period, or 15,000 Qualifying Miles within the entire 24 month period. For Gold status, 50,000 Qualifying Miles within either 12 month period, complete 40 international sectors on THAI, excluding travel in G,V,W, L booking classes, or 80,000 miles within the entire 24 month period. 
  14. The Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Thailand. However, some local laws may prohibit participation in frequent flyer Program or require alterations to the rules applicable to the Program. THAI will not be liable when complying with such local laws. 
  15. Any tax liability arising from the redemption of Awards is the sole responsibility of the member and THAI makes no warranty or representation in relation to such tax liability. 
  16. Miles are valid for 3 years. Miles accrued in each quarter of any given year, and not redeemed, expire at the end of the corresponding quarter 3 years there after. Expiring miles that are not redeemed by the last day in each quarter are void and deleted from accounts. 
  17. THAI may change the Royal Orchid Plus Program rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation or mileage levels, in whole or in part at any time with or without notice, even though change may affect the value of the mileage or Awards already issued. THAI may change or terminate Program partners, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any Award, increase the mileage required for, or fees associated with any Award, modify or regulate the transferability of Awards or benefits, add unlimited number of blackout dates, or limit the number of seats available to any or all destinations. 
  18. The selling, purchasing, bartering, brokering, auctioning or exchanging of all Royal Orchid Plus Awards, benefits, miles, or any Royal Orchid Plus product or services, including Award tickets,  miles, for compensation is strictly prohibited. THAI reserves the right to withhold or confiscate Award documents, void remaining miles, close accounts, terminate membership, with or without notice, and take legal action in the event of any member found to be conducting a commercial transaction with third parties or other fraudulent activities involving Award or miles, or any Royal Orchid Plus product or services documents. Violators, including those who use these kinds of eligible awards, benefits, miles, or any Royal Orchid Plus products or services shall be liable for damages and litigation costs.
  19. In connection with the enforcement of any of the terms & conditions governing the program, THAI reserves the right to take appropriate legal action as it deem necessary against members who violate the terms & conditions of Royal Orchid Plus, and may recover damages, attorneys' fees, court costs and litigation fees.
  20. If the audit reveals that members violate terms & conditions or commit any fraudulent activity or false statements, THAI retains the right to terminate Royal Orchid Plus membership, deactivate or delete accumulated miles, suspend or confiscate use of cards, awards and benefits that were redeemed or entitled to, with or without notice to members. THAI will not be responsible for compensation of deactivated or deleted miles occurred in this case. Legal action may be taken further on. While the investigation is ongoing, member in question may not be permitted to use miles or enjoy awards, benefits and services associated with the program as determined solely by THAI.
  21. Members whose accounts have been terminated due to fraudulent activities found shall not be eligible to participate in any aspect of the program and shall not be eligible to enroll with new accounts. 
  22. THAI will not be held responsible for any unauthorized changes of Nominees or be held liable when issuing Awards for designated Nominees. 
  23. THAI reserves the right to terminate Royal Orchid Plus Program at any time.