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Royal Orchid Plus Service Fees

Service fees are payable in Thai Baht (THB) in Thailand. In all other countries, service fees are payable in USD, or the equivalent in local currency.

Selected service fees can also be paid with miles. These service fees are applicable for change or re-credit requests to Award tickets or Award Certificates or Nominee Name changes

*Expired miles in any Award cannot be re-credited.


Service fees for re-credit of ticketed Air Awards THAI and Star Alliance
Regional / International [Per ticket] THB 3,750 USD $125 10,000 miles
Intercontinental [Per ticket] THB 5,700 USD $190 15,000 miles


Service fees for re-credit of Hotel Award
Hotel Award eVoucher
(Per eVoucher)
THB 2,850 USD $95 7,500 miles

From 25 April 2019 onwards, the below 'Service fees for Nominee Name Change (per name)' and 'Other Service Fees' charts will be effective.

Service fees for Nominee Name Change (per name)
Pay at THAI THB 5,700 USD $190 20,000 miles
Online Payment - - 15,000 miles

Other Service fees
Re-credit of a THAI Award ticket within Thailand THB 1,800 USD $60
Stopover Fee (per stopover) THB 2,850 USD $95

Reservation change on all ticketed  Air Awards (Per each change)
Within Thailand on THAI

International on THAI

- Regional Routes
- Intercontinental Routes

Star Alliance

THB 500

THB 1,800
THB 2,200

THB 2,850

USD $16

USD $60
USD $70

USD $95

Ticket Issuing Fee

All THAI tickets issued online at are not subject to ticketing fees.  However, international Award tickets issued at all THAI ticketing offices worldwide and THAI Contact Centre in Bangkok are subject to ticketing fees.

From 18 January 2019 onwards, award travel departing from cities that are not available in the online redemption list or other THAI award tickets such as Star Alliance Award tickets, multi-city travel, backtracking, stop-over and open jaw itineraries etc., such tickets issued by a THAI ticketing office are also exempted from the ticketing service fees.

Click here for more details about ticket issuing fee.